Grantham & Rose

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Seventeen-year-old Grantham (Jake T. Austin) has just entered juvenile detention. Tattooed and hiding behind a tough exterior, he instantly clashes with his fellow inmates. This brings him to the attention of Rose (Marla Gibbs), an elderly volunteer who mentors some of the boys. Rose has a unique style that is tough, wise, and unpredictable. Sensing something special in him, she offers an outrageous proposal to Grantham. She wants him to accompany her on a journey, the purpose of which she won’t reveal. She is able and willing to spring him if he agrees. At first he thinks she is crazy, but Rose is crazy like a fox. She sneaks him out under everyone’s noses and off they go. This is a charming and unexpected twist on that pillar of American cinema: the road trip. These are two people meant to clash ferociously, as well as to change each other in ways they could never anticipate. Smartly written and performed, GRANTHAM & ROSE is the journey of both their lives, and you’ll be glad you came along. —C.R.