He’s Way More Famous Than You Reviews

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“Plenty of films are filled with knowing winks and inside jabs; few turn them into such deliriously bent music… fluent direction by Michael Urie…
This farce is so light on its feet that it is buoyant.”

– (Sheri Linden, Los Angeles Times)



“A self-referential, insider farce about the hunger for Hollywood stardom, He’s Way More Famous Than You is as unhinged as it is hilarious.”

– (Nick Schager, The Village Voice)



“Ms. Feiffer is fearless in her depiction of a whiny, obsequious, self-obsessed and alcoholic fallen starlet named Halley Feiffer.”

– (Andy Webster, The New York Times)



“Excessive, obnoxious, and hilarious… He’s Way More Famous Than You does what it needs to do to make its audience happy. It makes them laugh. Quite a lot.”

– (Ben Umstead, Twitch Film)



“The puckish Spahn is ideally cast.”

– (David Noh, The Film Journal)